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Whats Up In Waste Podcast Interview - Innovating Construction Waste with SLURRYTUB at AWRE

Whats Up In Waste Podcast Interview - Innovating Construction Waste with SLURRYTUB at AWRE

In this episode, our host Jane Arandelovic chats with SLURRYTUB CEO David Flintoff, right from the bustling floor of the AWRE Expo.

David introduces us to SlurryTub, an easy to use portable filtering system that provides a simple and cost-effective environmental solution for the disposal of wet trade slurry.

This nifty product is not just a win for ease-of-use but a champion for the environment too. It turns messy, potentially harmful cement slurry into filtered water that is so clear, you could use it in your next cement mix or even to water your garden, talk about recycling!

Tune in for an eye-opening conversation about this amazing Aussie innovation, its journey to winning the AWRE Pitchfest award, and how it's changing the face of construction waste management. 

David explains how SlurryTub stops damaging material from entering our stormwater drains and waterways. This means the heavy metals and containments that typically get hosed into the drain or garden from a construction site are now being disposed of responsibly.

Our episode takes a fascinating turn as the story behind SlurryTub is revealed. It's the brainchild of respected Sydney builder Angus Hudson, who, after 30 years of grappling with job site waste, turned his experience into this innovative solution. 

And guess what? It's making waves in the industry standards for construction waste management.

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