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Got Electronic Junk In Your Trunk? It Could Be A Goldmine...

In this electrifying episode of "What's Up in Waste," join host Jane Arandelovic as she explores the burgeoning crisis of electronic waste—revealing startling statistics and pioneering solutions that could reshape our tech-filled lives.

 New Episode Alert: Urban Mining - Unearthing Tomorrow's Solutions from Today's E-Waste 🎧

In this week’s electrifying episode of What’s Up in Waste, join our host Jane Arandelovic as she delves into the critical issue of electronic waste. As the pile of discarded gadgets grows globally, could these tech remnants actually hold the key to sustainable solutions?

🔍 Discover the innovative concept of Urban Mining, where today's e-waste is tomorrow's treasure. We unpack the latest statistics from a UN report and explore how these insights are guiding pioneering approaches in waste management.

💡 This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability. Jane provides a compelling narrative on how foresight and innovation are essential in tackling one of the modern world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Join us on What's Up in Waste for a look at how innovation and foresight could turn the tide on one of the modern world’s most pressing waste issues.

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