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Australian Waste Innovation at Its Best: Exclusive Interview with SLURRYTUB™ CEO David Flintoff

In this in-depth interview, we dive into the inception of SLURRYTUB™, the science behind this unique Australian product, and how it's paving the way for sustainable construction practices.
Australian Waste Innovation at Its Best: Exclusive Interview with SLURRYTUB™ CEO David Flintoff

Interview with SLURRYTUB™ CEO David Flintoff at AWRE 2023

Championing Australian innovation, SLURRYTUB™ stands as a testament to homegrown ingenuity and environmental responsibility. This innovative portable filtering system, designed and manufactured right here in Australia, is revolutionising the disposal of wet trade slurry in the building industry.

The heavy duty recyclable polypropolene tub is designed to drain quickly with an easy to use front 'cut out' that can hold most wheelbarrows handsfree. The SLURRYTUB™ securely holds a single use biodegradable filter that catches cement slurry and allows the filtered water to safely drain through down to the washout area or it can be reused/recycled on the job. Most of the water would drain within 30-60 minutes dependent on the contents. The filter and dried contents can then be disposed of in an appropriate site skip or suitable waste disposal method.

Join Jane Arandelovic, host and founder of Laying Waste Media, as she chats with David Flintoff, CEO of SLURRYTUB™, at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) where the team were nominated the proud winner of the Innovation Pitchfest Award.

Together, they explore how the groundbreaking technology behind SLURRYTUB™ is transforming cement washout, converting cement slurry into reusable water, and making the process easier and environmentally friendly.

If you're interested in sustainable construction or simply want to celebrate the best of Australian waste innovation reshaping traditional industries, this interview is a must-watch!

🔗 Learn more about SLURRYTUB™ and their products at www.slurrytub.com

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