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This Week In Waste: Second Lives

This Week In Waste: Second Lives

In our latest waste innovation round up, we kick off with the Aussie invention that's cleverly filtering reusable water from cement slurry that has saved 4.5million litres of water to date to our top trends spotted at AWRE and end with a sunlit twist on retired landfills, plus policy and funding updates and more: get ready to jump into a world where waste is just the beginning.


Waste Tech Spotlight

In our latest interview with SLURRYTUB™ CEO David Flintoff, we learn how their surprisingly simple, cost effective and ingenious portable filtration system is providing a best practice environmental solution for tradies, changing the way wet trade slurry is being managed and saving an estimated 4.5 million litres of water in the process! Watch online.

AWRE Expo Insights: Top 3 Waste Tech Trends

1/. Your Avo on Toast Today, Tomorrow's Topsoil Treasure

A highlight at the recent AWRE expo was the increasing number of technologies to convert organic, food and even plastic waste into soil, fertilisers and biochar. With soil degradation being an issue globally, these technologies hold promise for restoring soil health and improving agricultural yield.

While there's a national target to cut our individual waste by 10%, recent findings in the National Waste Report 2022 have estimated that our household waste has surged by 3% since 2017. As landfills approach their limits and waste numbers grow, technologies that turn waste into soil, biochar and fertiliser could provide a potential circular solution with added benefits. What was waste yesterday can be the foundation of tomorrow's harvest.

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